Commerce Club

The Department of Commerce has initiated Commerce club for 2016-2017

Aim & Objectives of Commerce club:

The club is for the students, by the students and of the students. The aim of the club is to develop leadership qualities, organizing abilities, mutual help & co-operation i.e. all for one and one for all. Self reliance and self sufficiency is the main objective of the club. Membership is voluntary. It is plat form to showcase student talents and to conduct various competitions in which students are interested.

Activities for 2016-2017

• The club has been inaugurated on 26-09-2016 by Prof. D Suryachandra Rao, Registrar, Dean & H.O.D, Commerce, Krishna University, Machilipatnam
• Presented a Creative Model on Management subject namely - Management; a merry go round, on 26-09-2016
Entrepreneurship Training & Development Programme from 16-09-2016 to 21-09-2016 : Final B.Com students were given Entrepreneurship Training for about a week in preparing their own Record & Assignment books on no loss / no profit basis, and could save Rs. 10,000/-. B.Sc students were also participated in this programme and had received the said training. All the Trainees were presented with record & assignment book set worth Rs. 240/- each.
Free Distribution of Note Books : Note Books were distributed free of cost for economically poor students of I B.Com classes by recycling unused white papers collected from old record books on 27-10-2016
Community & Social Activity : Awareness on Cashless Transactions on 28-12-2016, the students of commerce club had actively involved in community activity in creating awareness on cashless transactions by going door to door in nearby villages.
Conduct of Competitions from 29-11-2016 to 06-01-2017 : Essay Writing, Debating, Quiz, Sports competitions and Rangoli competitions for girl's students of the club were conducted both for UG and PG students.
Annual Day Function of the Club : This was conducted on 22-01-2017 with pomp and gaiety. The occasion was graced by Sri. B. Sreenivas, Branch Manager, Indian Bank, Movva and Smt. V. Durga Bhavani, Lecturer in Music & Dance, Kuchipudi, the guest of honour along with Principal of the college Dr. V. R. Jyotsna Kumari. Prizes were given away to the winners of various competitions by the chief guest and principal of the college. Wonderful classical dance presentation was given by Mr. V. Prasad of II B.Com as a part of cultural presentation and classical songs by guest of honour.